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Lebak Regency

Angklung Buhun Performance Arts
Angklung Buhun is a traditional art originated from Lebak Regency with percussions and bamboo formed in a certain way to create harmonic tunes. Angklung Buhun means an old, ancient art. It is called Buhun because it was born at the same time with Baduy people’s existence. [+]
Baduy Ethnic
Lying just 1.5 hours south of Rangkas Bitung, Lebak Regency, Baduy is the gateway to enjoy the beauties out side of modern life. This is a serene place to escape after hectic day. Consisting of two parts, Inner & Outer Baduy in 5.101 hectares area in Kanekes Village. The whole area is covered with a natural scenery and presents the ancient traditional way. [+]
Bagedur Beach
Bagedur coast is one tourist destination in Lebak district, is an interesting tourist attraction to visit. Bagedur beach is located in the village of Sukamanah district Malimping, Lebak District. For the beach is very easy to reach, because the area is crossed by public transport with the distance of about 104 Km from the City Rangkasbitung. [+]
Binuangeun Beach
Apart from being the object of a beautiful beach resort, beach Binuangeun better known as the biggest fish auction on the south coast of Lebak, the distance is not far from the city about 20 Km Malimping make it easily accessible place, this place can be seen fishing activities are fishing and shrimp, especially in the dry season [+]
Cihara Beach
Cihara beach is one of a series of beach in the southern district of Lebak regency Cihara has a compelling charm, decorated with a carpet of blue coral sea views, decorated with spectacular waves will spoil the eye along the way to the beach because it is located Sawarna located along the coast Bayah - Sawarna, not far from the beach town about 14 Km Malimping. [+]
Cisungsang Village of Lebak Regency
This village is nearby Halimun mountain, with it traditional way of life. Islam is the main religion. They trading and farming guided by Cisungsang ancient path. Lies 130 km from Rangkas Bitung Lebak district. Besides natural landscapes this area also has its own cultural. Traditional homestay available.
Dogdog Lojor Art Performance
DOGDOG is a musical instrument made of round wood, with a hole in the middle, but on both joint ends has a different round diameter (+ 12-15 cm) with + 90 cm long. Each big round end is covered with a dried goat skin and tied with round bamboo placed to control the tunes/sounds. It will create a dog dog dog sound (in Sundanese ears). That’s why it is called Dog Dog. [+]
Karang Songsong Beach
Songsong Coral Coast is one of tourist objects situated in Lebak district Bayah kecematan unique and interesting, because the rocks have a large and beautiful as a distinctive charm southern coast, and visitors can enjoy
sea view aktraksi alternately beautiful and spectacular of the shelter-tersedia.Pantai shelter is located not far from the island Manuk [+]
Pulau Manuk Beach
Manuk Island beach or island birds in the southern coast of Banten, distance is not far from the beach Sawarna. [+]
Rafting Tour
Rafting Tour Center is located in Banten Cibeurang districts along the river district of Lebak Lebak Gedong. Can be taken from Jakarta via Balaraja about 100 Km or 80 Km from the City Pandeglang and via Serang Rangkasbitung. [+]
Kerajinan tangan berbahan dasar batu, khususnya batu kalimaya dan onix, banyak ditemukan di daerah Rangkasbitung. Hasil-hasil kerajinan masyarakat Rangkasbitung ini sangat cocok bila digunakan sebagai hiasan-hiasan artistik, atau sebagai perkakas rumah tangga.
Sawarna Beach
Ciantir Coast District Sawarna Bayah Lebak district, is a very beautiful beaches and attractive, with a distance of approximately 150 km from the downtown charm Rangkasbitung offers stunning beaches with spectacular waves are perfect for enjoying your surfing sports, and has become a new paradise for surfers from Australia, Japan, Korea.Selain beautiful beach, famous for its cave Sawarna-goanya [+]
Tanjung Layar Sawarna Beach
Tanjung Layar Beach is located not far from the coast Ciantir Sawarna, is a very beautiful beach and stunning with the most amazing surf is suitable for you who enjoys sports and surfing fotografi.Hal unique and exciting scenery is the presence of the towering rock twin cone-shaped, occur because of natural phenomena that occurred hundreds of years ago [+]
White sand Like Rain Beach
White sand like rain beach is a coastal tourist destinations located along the south coast between Malimping and Cihara, distance is about 15 Km from the city Malimping, white sand beach has a backdrop of natural scenery with stunning beaches of white sand are interspersed with coral clean - reef and decoration spectacular waves will provide for your recreational fantasy [+]
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Ujungkulon Guides Club
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